Temporarily divert output to a file via sink(). For sinks of type message, an error is raised if such a sink is already active.

with_output_sink(new, code, append = FALSE, split = FALSE)

local_output_sink(new, append = FALSE, split = FALSE,
  .local_envir = parent.frame())

with_message_sink(new, code, append = FALSE)

local_message_sink(new, append = FALSE, .local_envir = parent.frame())



[character(1)|connection] A writable connection or a character string naming the file to write to. Passing NULL will throw an error.


[any] Code to execute in the temporary environment


logical. If TRUE, output will be appended to file; otherwise, it will overwrite the contents of file.


logical: if TRUE, output will be sent to the new sink and to the current output stream, like the Unix program tee.


[environment] The environment to use for scoping.


[any] The results of the evaluation of the code argument.

See also

withr for examples sink()