All functions

defer defer_parent

Defer Evaluation of an Expression

with_bmp local_bmp with_cairo_pdf local_cairo_pdf with_cairo_ps local_cairo_ps with_pdf local_pdf with_postscript local_postscript with_svg local_svg with_tiff local_tiff with_xfig local_xfig with_png local_png with_jpeg local_jpeg

Graphics devices

with_collate local_collate

Collation Order

with_connection local_connection

Connections which close themselves

with_db_connection local_db_connection

DBMS Connections which disconnect themselves.

with_dir local_dir

Working directory

with_envvar local_envvar

Environment variables

with_file local_file

Files which delete themselves


Torture Garbage Collector

with_libpaths local_libpaths

Library paths

with_locale local_locale

Locale settings


Makevars variables

with_options local_options


with_package local_package with_namespace local_namespace with_environment local_environment

Execute code with a modified search path

with_par local_par

Graphics parameters

with_path local_path

PATH environment variable

with_seed with_preserve_seed

Random seed

with_output_sink local_output_sink with_message_sink local_message_sink

Output redirection

with_temp_libpaths local_temp_libpaths

Library paths

with_tempfile local_tempfile

Temporary files


Execute code in temporarily altered environment